PF1010 Featured in GOOD Magazine

PF1010 Featured in GOOD Magazine

GOOD Magazine’s food column recently featured Project Feed 1010 and its efforts in sustainable agriculture. In the article, writer Naomi Tomky explores the crowd-sourcing process and educational strategies used by Project Feed 1010 to develop sustainable agriculture solutions.

“PF1010 isn’t looking for a single answer to a single problem. It’s about building a mechanism that gives everyone the opportunity to participate in creating the best solutions.”

The article highlights Kathy Robert’s award-winning aquaponics system at Palm Beach Gardens High School, as well as other student projects.

“But it’s also a part of something much more important: tasking high school students with the big job of figuring out how to feed a growing planet.”

Read Tomky’s article at GOOD Magazine here: https://food.good.is/articles/students-aquaponics-pf1010