A human crisis of unprecedented proportions is in the making. Diminishing arable land, water shortage, and expected population growth to 10 billion portend a catastrophic food security crisis by 2030. This threat requires a dramatic reduction of the environmental footprint of agricultural practices. A paradigm shift to the food supply chain is necessary to meet an expected 70% or more increase in food demand.


Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) launched PROJECT FEED 1010 (1010=10 billion) to catalyze this paradigm shift and create a new sustainable agriculture economy. PF1010 is pioneering a crowd-sourced network of scientists, teachers, students and farmers to optimize aquaponics – a sustainable food production solution that combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in water) to support year-round crop production with up to 90% less water usage than conventional agriculture.


This project aims to make scientific breakthroughs for scaling up sustainable agriculture while transforming STEM education to generate a massive workforce and entrepreneurs for a new economy. We dream of a future where every unused urban space is repurposed for sustainable food production, where everyone is a citizen scientist, and we are all prosumers (producers + consumers) in a smart food supply chain.


Project Team


Dr. Nitin Baliga

ISB Senior Vice President, Director and Professor


Claudia Ludwig

Director of Systems Education Experiences


Rachel Calder

Education Coordinator and Ambassador Mentor


Wei-ju Wu

Software Engineer


Dr. Serdar Turkarslan

Senior Research Scientist


Dr. Jake Valenzuela

Research Scientist


Dr. Christian Diener

Computational Biologist


Joe Myxter and Dr. Allison Kudla



Many others have been a part of our Team since 2016. Jessica Day, Hsiao-Ching Chou, Warren Carter, Julie Bletz, Chris Carney, George Sanders, Ian Gorton and others were instrumental in launching and/or sustaining PF1010. In addition, many contributors and funders came together to make PF1010 a reality for all of our ambassadors and for the many students and teachers who are using PF1010 resources throughout the world.


Contact Project Feed 1010


If you have questions or would like to collaborate, drop us a line at projectfeed1010@isbscience.org.


If you are a member of the media and would like to request an interview, email Director of Communications Joe Myxter (joe.myxter@isbscience.org).