I want my fish to be friends…not food. Are there other options besides tilapia?

07 Jun I want my fish to be friends…not food. Are there other options besides tilapia?

Selecting relatively hardy aquatic organisms is good place to start, which is why many aquaponic enthusiasts tend to choose tilapia. Undoubtedly, your aquaponic system will experience fluctuations in water chemistry, temperature, algae production, etc. and you want your fish to stay happy and healthy during that time. However, if you’d rather grow fruits and veggies with the help of Petco’s aquarium fish, you can do that, too! Do a little background research to explore each species’ ability to survive in unfavorable conditions. Once you decide which species you prefer, make sure they get along with each other! Petco’s fish experts have shared their knowledge of fish compatibility so you can easily choose your new freshwater friends wisely. When we asked Petco to summarize how their January 8th blog post could impact the Project Feed 1010 network, they stated:
“Tending your own fish can be a rewarding way to add interesting pet life to your home. But setting up an aquarium isn’t as simple as a tank, some accents, and whatever fish that attract your interest. In fact, an aquarium is a complex ecosystem that’s dependent on your good choices for its health and the long life of your fish. Why? Not all fish are good companions for one another. Some may be aggressive with others. Some may have very specific habitat requirements. Others are more active and still others may not be a good fit because of their gender. That’s why it’s essential for you to learn a little about fish before you select them. Good companions will decrease the stress in your aquarium, helping to minimize unpredictability and loss of fish. You can also figure out what fish work well with plants as well as other aquatic creatures such as crustaceans. Use this helpful chart to get started and guide you toward an aquarium that’s full of water friends, not foes.” – Petco